Tactic Air Drone Review – Is It Best To Buy?

Whether you’re an expert or new to the world of digital photography, choosing the right camera among a sea of options is a challenging task. Mobile phone companies that are now diverting from the traditional mandate of providing “just phones” worsen the task. 

These “mobile device” devices have now evolved to capture the precise moments of our daily lives in HD. What if I tell you there is even a better way of immortalizing those special moments in high quality? This way, you should utilize a tactic air drone.

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An Honest Tactic Air Drone Review

With their capability of taking aerial footage in HD, photography has become more uncomplicated yet more professional. This tactic air drone review will tell you all you need to know about the gadget so that you can confidently order one if need be.

About Tactic Air Drone

For this tactic air drone review, I have narrowed down the list of tactic air drones to one of the most affordable ones. That is the E58 Pocket Drone. The E58 pocket drone is a portable smaller version of the Mavic Pro. However, this does not take away the cool features that you would find in the Mavic Pro, which the little guy retains in style. 

Tactic Air Drone Size

The E58 tactic air drone is very portable, capable of fitting in your pocket. This makes it easier to carry it almost all the time you go out. However, the reduction in size and lightweight meant that heavy motors had to be done away with this; this tactic air drone has a limited altitude. The tactical air drone review specifications concerning size are 6.6 x 2 x 3 inches and weigh 0.7 pounds.

Drone Design And Its Features

The design of the tactic air drone strictly follows the laws of aerodynamics. Its streamlined body helps to prevent turbulence and to reduce drag. You do not have to stress about having severe damages to it when accidental impacts occur. 

Its body is quite durable, resisting fracture and crack from mild accidents and low-impact collisions. Apart from its sleek appearance and size, its structure is foldable for your convenience whenever you have to carry it with you. This also allows ease of storing it in confined shelf spaces or perhaps storage containers.

How Tactic Air Drone Camera Is?

The E58 tactic air drone has a dual-camera capability. This “geeky” sounding statement probably has you confused. What it simply means is that it gives you the ability to record your videos while capturing images all at once. Additionally, it has motorized 4K cameras. It further implies that the tactic air drone allows you to capture aerial videos with 4K resolution. 

What has to intrigues you is that it can produce high-quality photos with a speed of 30 frames per second? Won’t any disturbances (e.g., strong winds) subjected to the tactical air drone in its flight mess up your images and videos? E58 drone comes with camera stabilization technology. 

This will keep your videos and pictures stable because they will automatically adjust once any disturbance gets detected. Thus you would get clear and smooth visuals. Now the camera’s specifications are that front cameras have 1080 pixels HD Wide-angle camera and a bottom camera of 720 pixels.

Battery Life Of E58 Tactic Air Drone

The tactic air drone comes with a 3.7 volts 1800 mAh Li-Po battery, which lasts from 15 to 20 minutes on a full charge. In my opinion, I would have preferred a longer battery life, which would enable me to take aerial videos or movies uninterrupted. 

However, this is made up for by the battery’s very short charging time, which is pretty cool and convenient. In summary, the drone battery: 3.7 v 1800 mAh Li-Po. Then it’s remote controller battery has a built-in 3.7 v 350 mAh. The maximum flying time of approximately 15 to 20 minutes and battery charging is as short as 28minutes.

What is “Smart Follow Me Mode” In Tactic Air Drone?

This has got to be one of the coolest features in this tactic air drone review. It enables you to program the drone to follow you like a shadow to capture the required visuals. So here is how this works, you get the drone sensors to lock on the transmitter’s coordinates. This way, even when you are mobile in a car or bike, the drone is never far behind. 

Does Tactic Air Drone Support Bluetooth 4.2 Connection?

In order to secure a connection between the controller and the computer program, the tactical air drone uses Bluetooth 4.2. This allows for an easy transfer of files like captured images from your drone to the computer and vice versa. However, this technology has a range by which it gets effective and is also prone to interference from other local networks.

Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control

This feature is off the hook; it makes you feel like you possess some telepathic powers. It allows you to program a set of hand gestures by which you can use to control your tactic air drone in its flight. With this, you can achieve the best captions at incredible angles. You can also switch on to recording the content by just merely moving hands to control your drone.

Tactic Air Drone Mobile App

Where did you worry about the ease with which you can have your captured moments edited? You will be glad to know that this application allows you to edit these moments. You have a wider range of filters to choose from for any instant edits of the videos and images.

Portrait Follow

With this, the user can program the drone cameras to follow whatever target in real-time by swiping on the smartphone. This can prove to be handy in the event you wish to snap selfies.

Trajectory Flight

With this feature, you can program a predetermined flight path the drone is supposed to take. It is relatively easy to execute, only requiring you just to draw this path on the smartphone’s screen and give it a test. The maximum flying distance of 150 m and it comes with 6 Axis Gyro.


The E58 drone will dazzle you with its set of LED lights. It is equipped with blue and white ones. The blue ones are originally meant for indicating when the tactic air drone is on. They are also useful as headlights and in identifying the drone when the visibility is poor. More so, the same lights create fantastic lighting shows in the dark.

Speed Control In Tactic Air Drone

The tactic air drone comes with three modes of speed. Namely, fast, medium, and slow. This is quite helpful when you are a beginner and when you are flying in confined areas.

What is 3D Flip in E58 Tactic Air Drone

This feature is quite outstanding and is helpful when you need to capture a full 360 degree aerial view. To achieve this stunt, fly your drone 2 meters high. Go on to pressing the flip button followed by a push on the control strict for a 360-degree flip.

Remote Controller

Like most tactical air drones, this drone is controlled by radio waves from a remote transmitter. There is no need to be concerned about any harmful microwaves there. You could also use Wi-Fi to secure connections. The remote controller has a distance of up to 150 m. Wi-Fi distance of up to 90 meters, which is an FPV Wi-Fi connection. Also, its great aspect is it’s the frequency of 2.4 G

What is its Price

You do not need to reach deep down your pockets by spending over five hundred of the green leaf-like you would have to with other drones. After getting to know that it was going for less than $100, I decided to order one and try it out.

User Experience

To get the opinion of other people with the drone’s first-hand experience, I went over to the tactic air drone review from the users. Here is what the randomly selected users say about the tactic air drone:

  • You won’t shy away from awarding a thumb high to the E58. It has a simple set up, good camera quality, one key landing and take-off, and the one key 360 flips. You get real value for the money you pay; that’s what he perceives. 
  • You won’t experience any issues whatsoever from all the days you can use this product. 
  • It is very much easy to use and the drone’s range. The E58’s quality and speed can make you head over heels.

Final Verdict

Nothing is holding you up in getting one for those who haven’t had a feel of tactical air drones. As stipulated in this tactic air drone review, you can get one for less than $ 100 while still getting great features as discussed. 

Though it is a pretty decent device, it is possible to find errors here in there, mostly due to transit or shipping damages. You will have to ask for a replacement from the manufacturer in such a case. In the event you are accustomed to using expensive drones, then the E58 might not be the right drone for you.

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