Drone X Pro Review – Is It Good To Buy?

The phenomenal design and features of the Drone X Pro have ultimately brought the rest of the drone industry to its knees. It pronounces high quality, portability, and affordability every step of the way. If you are looking for something to show off? This drone will make a statement.

Drone X Pro Review

The Drone X Pro is a huge leap forward in the world of drones. This new drone has rocked the market with its innovative and advanced features. Its amazing ability to capture breathtaking photographs and videos, coupled with an affordable price, makes it popular.

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What People are Saying About Drone X Pro?

The drone is an ultimate solution to heavy, complex, and inconvenient drones. Here are all the individualities that define the Drone X Pro.


Not only is the Drone X Pro one of the greatest marvel of drone technology today, but it is also so affordable you can get one yourself! It reduces all the hustle of drone assembling. With the Drone X Pro, you will be ready to sour in only a few seconds.


Its high technology is all tailored into an impeccably portable shell for your convenience. It is so handy it can even fit into your pocket. The drone is lightweight and foldable, making it easy and effortless to carry around.

High-quality selfie images

Gone are times when getting a posh phone and selfie stick was the best way to get a stunning selfie. The drone X Pro can now guarantee you an extraordinary experience in the selfie world. The selfie quadcopter has the outstanding ability to capture high-quality selfie pictures at super cool angles.

Join in the wave of mindboggling selfie pictures. As soon as you get your hands on this wonderful drone, you can start uploading crazy selfies. The drone X Pro can get you all the likes and follows you have always dreamed of.

Easy to use

This drone is so easy to operate; anyone can learn. It does not come with any complex, hard to understand remote controls. Rather, you can easily control your drone directly from your smartphone and a simple remote.


The Drone X Pro is built with four rotors that give it an unforced natural fly. Fitted on it is a high-quality HD camera that can capture spectacular photographs and videos. It is well designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you are looking to have an outdoor adventure or an indoor exploit your drone, this one will work perfectly. It is a worthwhile investment that you will never regret.

Features Of Drone X Pro

This drone is built with the best features that are found in high-quality costly drones. It is manufactured with a great easiness that enables it to be ranked as one of the most affordable high-quality drones on the market. Let us take a look at some of the great features of this drone.

1.     Foldable

This is one of the drones’ awesome features that make it very portable. It is built with propellers that can bend inwards, thus folding to make it smaller. It folds into a small pocket size. This makes it easy and convenient to carry around.

2.     Lightweight

The drone is lightweight. This feature enables it to fly effortlessly. It also enables it a longer flight duration. Its light feature also makes it portable. You can take it anywhere and everywhere you go.

3.     Longer flight duration

The Drone X Pro can fly longer than many of its kind. It has an extended battery life that enables it to fly for a longer period before its battery runs flat. Its lightweight feature also plays a vital role in allowing it to fly for longer periods at a time.

4.     Flight stability

The last thing you want to see when watching your captured video is shaky motion pictures. A wobbly video shows unprofessionalism and is frustrating to watch. Thanks to the steadiness of the Drone X Pro, you can shoot amazing stable photographs and videos.

5.     Flight speed

The drone has a great flight speed that covers a wide flight area per flight duration. It has three distinct handling speeds. This makes it easy to tune the speed and fly.

6.     Flight height

The drone has the amazing ability to soar high in the air. It can reach up to 150 feet above ground level. Even at its maximum height, it still maintains a strong remote connection signal to keep you in full control of your drone.

7.     Unlimited capturing angles

This done is not limited to angles of the human hand or a stand. It can fly and capture images at so many angles; you will need a lifetime to explore. You can flip it, twist and turn it in any direction you want. This facilitates the production of interesting pro-like videos. You can also take pictures at all the angles you can dream of.

What Makes Drone X Pro Different From Other Drones?

●       Its Gravity sensor

This is one of my favorite features of the drone X Pro. The gravity sensors entrenched into the drone enables it to sense or detect the ground. It automatically reroutes to avoid crushing into the ground. Additionally, the drone can also sense obstacles and, again, spontaneously change direction to avoid colliding.

Isn’t this an amazing feature? You no longer have to worry about crashing and damaging your drone. This feature makes it accident-free.

●       Drone X Pro Altitude Hold Mode

Another awesome feature is the altitude hold mode. When this mode is activated on the drone, it self-locks at the exact location it is flying at. It maintains a constant altitude and flies at its fixed coordinates. Until you change it, it will continue to hover steadily at one particular point.

You can capture all the pictures and videos you want in one spot. You can frequently change its location and reinitiate altitude hold mode to change angles.

●       Trajectory Flight of Drone X Pro

This mind-blowing feature enables you to control your drone in an even simpler way. You can simply draw a trajectory line on your phone and watch your drone follow suit by flying in a similar line. Isn’t that awesome? You will be feeding real-time feed through your smartphone straight to your drone.

What are Drone X Pro Specifications


  • Black color
  • Size: 27 x 19,5 x 5 centimeters (when stretched out)
  • 2.4GHz radio frequencies
  • The camera produces 0.3 megapixels images
  • 60 minutes of charging time
  • Up to 10 minutes flying time
  • Fight area of up to 100 meters
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Mobile app supported by android and iPhone
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

What are Drone X Pro Specs?

These specifications can also be seen as the pros of a Drone X Pro.

Drone X Pro Camera Resolutions

The drone camera has two high definition resolutions to choose from. You can select either the 720p HD or the 1080p Ultra HD resolution. Even though both resolutions are spectacular, one is above the other. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality.

This means to say that the 1080p HD resolution will offer better picture quality than the 720p. 1080p HD resolution pictures take more camera spaces because they have a slightly higher quality.

What is Return button in Drone X Pro?

At the simple click of a signaling button, the drone can return to the remote carrying person’s position. Its gravity sensors enable it to avoid crashing into obstacles along the way.

It is guaranteed a safe return to its remote position. All thanks to this wonderful specification, you no longer have to worry about losing your drone. You can freely fly it all around, capture great pictures, and still get your drone back safely.


Its special flight hold mode enables you to lock the flight in one position for a steady flight. This makes it much easier to take stable pictures and videos.

Easy to carry

Taking your drone anywhere is a hustle free task; the four propellers of the drone are foldable. This makes it easy to carry around. It is also a very lightweight drone that will not need you to strain your muscles to carry it around.

Better control

This drone can be easily controlled from your smartphone. It only requires you to install a dronex pro application into your smartphone. This app connects to the inbuilt Wi-Fi and gives you full control of the drone. The app is very easy to use; anyone can learn it in no time.


The drone has two high-resolution cameras that capture pictures with a simple click. Both these cameras help cover a wide range of angles for awesome photography.

Maximum fly experience

When flying, the drone can rotate it 360 degrees in either direction for a maximum, super cool flying experience. You can even roll the drone for an even better flight experience. Imagine all the awesome angles you can capture with such incredible flexibility.


The drone is manufactured using the best quality of resistant plastic. This solid material makes it quite durable and lightweight.

Nighttime pictures

The drone has a LED light that comes in handy when taking night time shots. The light is bright enough to capture perfect pictures in the evening.

What is the Drone X Pro Price?

The Drone X Pro can be purchased in three differently priced packages. When considering all its remarkable features, the drone is value for money.

  • First package

With this package, you will get a single drone at the affordable price of only $105.

  • Second package

The second package offers two drones and an extra one for free. This gives a total of four drones for just $209.

  • Third package

The final package available on the market. It offers three drones and comes with two free. Meaning to say you will get a total of five drones for a staggering price of $316. Guess what? This package also includes free shipping!

Do I Get a Drone X Pro Manual?

Yes, you do. The Drone X Pro comes in handy with a guidebook to ensure stress-free user experience. For maximum benefits and use of the drone, it is highly recommended that you read through the entire manual before use.

What else comes with the Drone X Pro?

  • 4 x Extra propellers
  • 1 x 3.37V 500mAh Lipo Battery
  • 1 x cable battery charger
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 4 x protection covers
  • 1 x transmitter
  • 1 x storage bag

In case you run out, you can always purchase more of any of these parts at your location of convenience.

Additional Materials You Can Buy

Although not available in the original package, you can also get a propeller guards


Drone X Pro is quite a remarkable innovation in the world of drones. Seemingly farfetched ideas of drones have been brought to reality. Its manufacturers have worked to bring about a high quality, affordable, and reliable drone.

The drone has a compact, lightweight design built with all the best features of drones. It is easy to control and full of features to explore. It is the best drone for anyone from an amateur beginner to a skilled pro.

Get yours today and experience a whole new dimension of drone photography and video taking.

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