Blade 720 Drone Reviews – Is It Worth To Buy?

Why do you want to buy a Blade 720 Drone for yourself?: Let’s find out, see if you want photos and videos for your social media accounts or having a wedding ceremony, and you want the beautiful moments to be captured, using blade 720 drones can ensure that you get amazing pictures or videos. This is so because this unique device captures pictures from many angles, covering extensive areas that are otherwise not possible when using ordinary cameras.

It has become the favorite among photographers and even hobbyists because of its ease of use, affordability, and portability. There is also plenty of blade 720 drone reviews on the web, making it one of the most popular drones of the century.

Blade 720 Drone Reviews 2020

However, like any other device, it has both pros and cons, and you need to go through several blade 720 drone reviews before you buy the product. If you want to buy it for beginners you can check out our latest review on best drones for beginners here.

What is Blade 720 Drone?

Blade 720 is a unique, precision-engineered drone capable of capturing quality pictures and videos. It is popularly known for being lightweight and strong. It features a camera with a high resolution, optical sensors, superb maneuvers control, etc.

Many customers have made blade 720 drone reviews, which are a must-read if you want to assess the benefits and drawbacks of the drone before buying it.

How Blade 720 Drone Works?

You don’t need to be a pro photographer or tech geek to operate the blade 720 drones. Blade 720 drone reviews say the same thing: it is pretty easy to set up blade 720. This makes it stands out to be one of the best drones of the century.

The first thing you should do to set up your drone is to download and install an app ( do this by scanning the QR code in the manual). Several blade 720 drone reviews have shown that setting up your drone is cushy and won’t take a lot of time. After your application is successfully installed, plug in the battery, connect to your drone, and open your app to start it up. In seconds you will get your drone to fly. Easy? Yes, it’s easy like that.

According to blade 720 drone reviews, the drone flies smoothly, and the controls are pretty unique and intuitive. When it gets in the air, the drone captures great, fashionable pictures or videos, covering extensive areas and angles that otherwise unachievable. Amazing, right?

Features of the Blade 720 Drone

Foldable: If you had been refraining from purchasing a drone due to issues to do with portability, the blade 720 drone is a great choice, which is portable. This drone is lightweight, with propellers folded inwards, making it an easy chore to carry it around.

It can fit into your case or bag, which is great if you want to carry it with you whenever going on a trip. When looking at the many blade 720 drone reviews, the most common thing it is always highly commended for its portability.

Improved battery life: Another great feature of the blade 720 is improved battery life. Increased battery life means your drone can fly for a longer time. According to blade drone 720 drone reviews, this is important, especially when using drones at essential celebrations like weddings. You wouldn’t want your drone to run out of power while you want the best moments of your life to be captured.

Controlled via IOS and Android: It is a great thing that the drone can be controlled via IOS and android, and setting up the drone is easy. Just by installing the app and connecting to the drone, you can start using the drone. To connect to the drone, you need WiFi. Many blade 720 drone reviews show that it is a good thing that the blade 720 is compatible with IOS or Android, as it allows both users of android and IOS access to the drone.

Anti-collision System: You do not want your drone to collide with obstacles, as this can destroy it. Thankfully, the blade 720 has built-in sensors that ensure that it does not bump into other objects or clash with the ground. Many blade 720 drone reviews show that customers are pleased about this important feature.

Altitude hold mode: The secret to the good quality pictures and videos blade 720 captures is in this feature. It is the one that enables the drone to hover at a single spot steadily and capture good quality videos or pictures. Because this mode helps you lock the drone’s height and position, the drone can easily hover in one place, steadily.

Panorama mode: One click of a button and your drone can capture 360-degree pictures. Yes, it is possible with this unique drone, blade 720. According to blade 720 drone reviews, this mode ensures that you get good quality pictures or videos.

3 D VR mode: To make the blade 720 even more superb, it features the joystick and VR kit to make your controlling experience a great one. Plenty of blade 720 drone reviews are lauded for having the 3 D VR mode.

Benefits of Blade Drone 720

  • Blade 720 is portable.

The blade 720 drones are almost the size of your large smartphone. It has propellers that can be folded. This drone can fit pretty well into your bag, making it easy to carry around. It is made of ABS plastic, which makes it lightweight and pretty strong.

  • Blade drone 720 is easy to fly.

Unlike other similar drones, you can fly the blade drone 720 effortlessly. The drone responds well to the controls. Furthermore, the device flies smoothly, making it a great choice for any photographer.

  • Blade drone 720 is affordable.

Using the blade drone, 720 cut the fuel cost since using the drone only requires a remote control or smartphone. Furthermore, it reduces the need for manpower because of its ability to reach angles challenging to reach when using an ordinary camera.

  • Blade drone 720 is user friendly.

According to several blade drone 720 reviews, the blade drone is user friendly. Compared to its counterparts, it is a better choice since it is easy to use. Both a pro and a beginner photographer can use the blade drone 720. Its controls are quite superb, coupled with its amazing hovering capability.

  • Blade drones flys smoothly.

What makes the blade drone 720 outstanding is its ability to fly smoothly. It can also even fly at high speed, and it can land without crashing while flying at high speed.

  • It captures great pictures.

Whether you want astounding pictures to post on social media or for your work profile, the blade drone 720 helps you capture great photos; if you are a photographer, you might want to consider this great device. Your photography experience will be awesome with the blade drone 720

  • The blade drone 720 has several modes.

The other great thing about the blade drone 720 is that it has various modes like altitude hold, landscape, panorama, and many others. It is up to your choice to opt for the one that tickles your fancy.

Downsides of Blade 720 Drone?

  • Level of privacy intrusion

The use of drones violates people’s privacy, and blade drone 720 is no exception. A person can use the drone anywhere and violate others’ privacy. Furthermore, it can leave people upset as the drone user can trespass on their residences.

  • Easily affected by weather

According to blade 720 reviews, weather conditions affect the functioning of the drone. When there is heavy rain or storm, the blade 720 will not function well. This is because it is lightweight and won’t be able to take harsh weather conditions. With this being said, you will need to consider the weather when you want to use the drone.

  • Probable mishandling

It is not only photographers, hobbyists, and tech geeks who are using the blade 270 drones. It is a shame that criminals like stalkers, terrorists, and burglars are also making use of this device for their malicious intentions. Blade 720 reviews show that some people have misused the drone for malicious intentions like stalking people.

  • Issues for air terminals

Some people can buy the blade 720 drones to have fun and may want to experiment with them. In the event of experimenting with a drone, mishaps like disturbance for air terminals can happen. If a drone crashes into an airplane, it can come with negative consequences.

How much does the Blade 720 Drone cost, and where can you buy it?

The price of the blade 720 drone varies depending on where you want to buy it. According to blade 720 drone reviews, the average price of the drone is $199.99. Blade 720 reviews reveal that in other countries, the drone can cost as little as $30,00.

It is recommended to buy the blade 720 drones online from the official website. Buying from the official website will enable you to purchase via your region, and if there are any promotional deals, you won’t miss them. Buying from the official website will also ensure that your drone is delivered at your doorstep.


Whether you are a filmmaker, hobbyist, or adventurer, the blade 720 drones are what you need to have a great experience taking photos or videos. It is lightweight and flies smoothly, making it one of the best drones ever. Buying this unique drone is a great investment. Blade 720 drone reviews show that this drone is a great choice.

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