10 Best Drones For Kids Review

Drones are, without a doubt, one of the best technologically advanced products that can
do many functions like carrying materials, getting aerial images, etc. Kids, too, find these enjoyable, and for that reason, there are many drones for children available today. Of course, the matter of safety does come up for parents in this regard, which is why studying the features first is essential.

There are a lot of differences that are present between more professional drones and those meant for kids. You may notice some issues, too, with the battery life and USB connection in many models. But if you focus on the right brands with the most functional specifications and good reviews, you can use it well.

10 Best Drones For Kids in 2020

To find the best drones for kids you can opt for, here is a list you can choose from for
your little one.

1. Force1 Scoot LED Hand Drone for Kids

One of the best drones for kids you would come across is the Force1 Scoot LED Hand Drone, which is okay to fly indoors. The covering of this product is made of durable materials that safeguard it from damages. However, one useful feature that your child would enjoy about this drone is handling it handsfree.

For example, your kids would wave their hands underneath the drone after the infrared blinks, and the drone would flip 360 degrees! This is extremely fun for the kids, and 8 minutes of fly time would entertain them well. Speaking of the LED lights, this drone’s lighting features for kids in blue, red, and white would allow your child to use it even in the dark. This is worth considering with no remote control required, easy launching ability, and webbed shell for protection. 


  • Hand gestures to launch, move, or change directions 
  • Protective outer layer 
  • LED lights and sensor 
  • Auto-hovering features 
  • CPSIA and CPSC approved regarding safety 


  • Cannot use it outdoors 
  • Flying time is not too high

2. SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone For Children

This particular children’s drone is easily one of the best in the market. This runs on a Headless Mode, with the user having total control of its direction and speed. No matter if your child is using a drone for the first time or many, they can easily control the features, including the 3D Flipping stunts.

Your child can start this drone at the push of a single button, and there is an automatic flyback feature. The lights in these drones for teens are made of high-intensity LEDs, and the propellers are protected. Plus, you would like about one attractive characteristic of this drone because you can easily lock the flight’s height. This, ultimately, would give the user a better flight control, ensuring safety and fun simultaneously.


  • A single button for landing as well as taking off
  • The drone would return automatically to you at the press of a button
  • Can rotate 360 degrees and flip too
  • Protective casing in the propellers for your child’s safety
  • 21 minutes of fly time


  • May see problems during setup
  • You cannot operate it with hands

3. CPSYUB Hand Operated Drones For Teens

One of the best drones for kids in this CPSYUB model is suitable for children of many ages. This drone’s build is made with flexible ABS substance, keeping the children’s safety and comfort in mind. Also, the propellers are covered with mesh fabric, so that children can play with this product and not get hurt in the process.

These best drones for kids come with magical sensors that detect any kind of obstacle that may be in the way. Users can easily control the flight pattern, and your young child does not need to use any remote control. Simply toss it in the air, and the drone would hover automatically. There is a one-key controller, though, that you 4-6-year-old kid can use to hold altitude, take off, or slowly drop the drone. Indeed, with so many exciting features, these drones for children are a good option for you. 


  • 5 Magic sensors detect obstacles and allow smoother flight 
  • LED lights make it easy to fly at night 
  • Suitable for 4-year-olds and up
  • Free-hand control 
  • The motor automatically shuts down in case of damage to the UFO ball.


  • Battery life needs constant charging in some models 
  • The product is not too durable

4. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Good Drone For Kids

Many of the drones for adult-use have cameras, and thus, it is only fair that the best drones for children would have so too. This one, in particular, comes with 1080 pixels FPV Camera that produces HD-quality distortion-free pictures. And you can view it through your phone, which makes it easy for you to see things. The ability to hold the drone mid-air comes very handily here.

You can also supervise the camera functions directly from your phone app, thanks to features like Voice Control, Gravity Sensor Control, Gestures Control, etc. Plus, the headless feature allows users to control the motions, even when they cannot see where the drone is. There are protective guards built into these best drones for kids that act as a protection for both people and the product. Not to mention, you or your children can use this for 20 minutes straight, thanks to the double modular batteries present. This, in itself, is an excellent characteristic. 


  • Dual batteries 
  • HD Camera with high-definition picture quality 
  • Protective layering against damages or accident 
  • Syncs to phone 
  • Video recording available too


  • Battery life could be better 
  • Not suitable for too young children

5. Mini Drones for Kids or Adults X20 RC Drone Helicopter Toy

Small and adorable, this particular drone is one of the best drones for kids that you can consider. You can fly this in remote areas like inside the house, and there are no complicated controls that you have to worry about. Your child can use the one-key button to control the LED light, and the take-off and landing motions. Moreover, you can easily carry this model, merely depositing it in your bag or pocket.

Not to mention, you can easily control the drone’s speed and direction as well, owing to the 360 degrees flipping mode. Other features like altitude hold and Headless control only add to the value of these best drones for kids.


  • The drone can hover in mid-air
  • LED lights allow better visibility
  • Rotates 360 degrees at the press of a button
  • Adjustable speed
  • Easy to control movement and direction 


  • Too less running time at 5 minutes approx
  • The size is tiny.

6. Ultra Stable Dragon Drone with 6 Axis Gyro TR-D4

This variety of drones is another option that you choose to go forward with. It is effortless to use for young kids and comes with a transmitter for controls. Similarly, there is a button too that your child can use to bring it back quickly. The immense distance that this product can handle is 100 feet. And the technology present in this model allows your child to control the drone and do rolls easily and flips mid-air. Indeed, it is easily one of the best drones for kids that you can consider.


  • You can adjust three speeds
  • Headless mode present for smoother controls
  • All sides of the product are covered well
  • Long-distance range (100 ft) using a transmitter
  • Stunt flying enjoyable for 8-year-olds and more 


  • Too low battery life
  • The build is not very durable.


Without a doubt, with its ultra-captivating and user-friendly features, the drone for kids reviews for this is always favorable. Firstly, the user can easily control this product’s movements, with Headless Mode, voice control, among others. The propellers are covered in protective layering to ensure that your child does not injure your hand on the blade.

Moreover, a gravity sensor presents allow you to adjust the drone’s movement directly from your smartphone. The transmission can reach up to 80 meters, and the phone connectivity will enable you to track it.


  • Video and camera recording at 720 pixels
  • ABS material in the build
  • Android and Apple connectivity enable different uses like smart voice control, mobile storage, G-sensor, etc.
  • Altitude hold characteristic present
  • WiFi connectivity status warning 


  • Not suitable for young kids
  • Flying time expires faster when recording. 

8. Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter

While saying about the best-rated drones for kids, it is impossible not to mention this one from Potensic. It contains many useful features, like a 720 pixel HD camera that can capture both videos and pictures.  You can then connect it to the phone and store the charged imagery.

Furthermore, this particular option also comes with WiFi connectivity, which further makes the flying operation easier. This also allows you to see what your child is doing and adjust controls remotely. Plus, with the capability to adapt to three speeds, one-key feature to land or stop the drone, etc., this product ensures safety. 


  • You can set directions by specifying directions on the map
  • HD quality videos and pictures
  • WiFi connectivity is good for more comfortable viewing, sharing, etc.
  • Altitude hold for stability
  • Protective layering in body and propellers 


  • The time duration of flights are too low
  • Video quality is terrible during network problems

9. Potensic Dreamer Drones with Camera 4K

Another excellent example of a good drone for kids is this option, with its multiple camera features. Your child can, thus, take beautifully vibrant pictures, and they get stored in memory.

Not to mention, there is an anti-shake ball, too, that ultimately keeps the drone still. This leads to the pictures and videos coming out excellent and non-shaky. With other exciting features like brushless motor, easy-to-utilize remote control, multifunctional 4K technology, etc., you should give this some serious consideration.


  • Easy to install 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Multiple flying functions like auto-return, waypoint flight, etc.
  • Fast response to emergencies
  • 4K videos and camera pictures 


  • Not suitable for younger children
  • Too costly

10. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone Quadcopter 

Last but not least, you can also choose this particular drone for your kid, given it’s easy to use capability and high-quality controls. Plus, these best drones for kids can hover in mid-air, which is a good characteristic of its easy movement control. This is especially helpful for young kids, aside from other cool features like speed adjustment, 3-D flip, etc.


  • Battery life lasts for a long time
  • The Headless Mode allows users to manage directions
  • One-key button to start and stop the drone
  • Multiple speeds allowed
  • Warning in case of low battery 


  • Small size 
  • Charging time takes long


  1. Is SNAPTAIN a good company for drone technology?

Indeed, drones made by SNAPTAIN are perfect, especially for complete beginners. It includes many features that young kids would like, such as Headless Mode, Speed Adjustment, Altitude Mode, etc.

  1. What problems can arise in drones?

The common problems in drones are during turbulent weather, short battery life, specific flights, wireless issues, etc. 

  1. Is it okay for kids to have drones?

Yes, there are some best drones for kids that you can buy for your child. However, it is best to ensure that an adult is always present nearby.

  1. Are drones not good for privacy?

There are some drones with cameras that can cause your neighbors’ privacy issues if you fly it on their property. It is best to keep the drones on your property or neutral grounds as much as possible.

  1. Which companies make the best drones for children?

Many companies make the best drones for kids. Some of them include SNAPTAIN, Potensic, DROCON, Holy Stones, etc.

  1. Is it okay to use a drone around the neighborhood?

Yes, it is okay to fly a drone around your neighborhood, as long as you follow the FAA guidelines.

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Indeed, there are many best drones for kids, but the one that stands out is the Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Good Drone For Kids. Your child can use it efficiently, although it is not the right option for very young kids, like 4-year-olds. It comes with many useful features like smartphone control, high-resolution pictures, easier management, among others. Plus, this drone has a good battery life as well, owing to its two battery modes. While some others have long battery life, this drone makes up for this with the multiple features.

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