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○   HD 720p at 30 fps

○   Adaptive encoding for slower bitrates/Internet connection

○   Automatic white/black balance for different lighting conditions

○   No gimbal, no problem: indoor stabilization provides stablility in no-wind settings



Indoor Collision Avoidance

○   Advanced obstacle avoidance/collision detection sensors make Rook indoor-safe

○   Mapping algorithms run on the cloud so Rook gets better and better at knowing routes around your home

○   9-axis (gyroscope/accelerometer/magnetometer) IMU stabilization

○   Optical flow visual sensors



More Safety Features

Propeller Guards and Other Safety Features

○   Wide propeller guards and strong airframe for crash-proof flight

○   Position holding and smart return-to-base in case of lost/bad connection

○   Speed controls, height holding, and more in Settings




○   App for iOS/Android

○   Simply point and swipe on the screen to fly

○   Easily set and save routes for Rook to follow

○   STRETCH FEATURE: Voice command flights (e.g. "Go to the living room!") 



Battery & Charging

Automated Charging Dock

○   More than enough for a flight around your home (7-10 minutes)

○   Ready again by your next break from work/school (40 min charge)

○   Wireless charging dock, so you don't need to be there to plug it in

○   Automatic "return to base" with one button press



Data Security

○   Strong server-side (256-bit) encryption for live video streams using Google's cryptographic algorithms

○   Social media authentication and account profiles for your data

○   STRETCH FEATURE: Multi-user access to give permissions to different family members



Security Camera Alerts

Security Analytics and Activity Alerts

○   Paid cloud video storage and review

○   Paid phone notifications for smart motion detection for intruder alert

○   Paid settings for "areas of interest" to monitor and investigate

○   STRETCH FEATURE: Paid integration compatibility with popular smarthome platforms