When does Rook ship? 
We expect Rook to begin shipping worldwide around December 2016! As an early backer, you will get Rook before anyone else in the world.


Does Rook work on iOS/Android?
Yes, both.


How long is the battery? How often how I check Rook? 
Currently Rook can be flown for 7-10 min, which is enough for a checkup in most houses. You can check Rook on your break from school/work in as little as 40 minutes. We're working on sourcing better batteries to provide the best experience for your Rook!


What colors or designs can I get Rook in?
We'd love to have your feedback on what you'd like - we're asking our customers for the most popular colors and designs, and will work with manufacturers to try to deliver them!


What does the name “Rook” mean? 
Rook is a chess piece, a chariot. It's also an intelligent crow that flies in Europe and Asia. We want Rook to be a useful flying tool that you can use indoors to improve your life. It's also short for "Rookie," since we're rookies to entrepreneurship (like Mr. Richard Branson's "Virgin" brand, when he was a virgin to business).


I’m an educator/parent. How can my kids use Rook?
If there's customer demand, we'll release a child-friendly "game" that comes with Rook, so young children can intuitively interact with Rook the drone, and command a robot. Let us know by email (info@eightyninerobotics.com) if you'd pay for this game!


What about FAA regulations?
If Rook is used as intended and flown indoors, FAA limitations on outdoor height restrictions do not apply to Rook.


I’m interested in a corporate partnership / I want to use Rook for my business. How can I get in touch with you? 
Please tell us what industry you're in and how you'd like to use Rook at info@eightyninerobotics.com. We are working on a more robust version for industry and would love to sign you up for a pilot.


I’m a distributor, and I want to sell Rook. What’s the MSRP? Can we be the exclusive distributor?
Pre-order price is $179, and the MSRP range is $200-250. We have received many inquiries about distribution, so unfortunately we can not work with you exclusively. Sorry!


I’m a developer and I want to hack with Rook. Are there plans for an API? 
Currently no, mostly due to security concerns. If you are a developer who is passionate about the vision of Rook and want to help in your spare time, contact us below.


I have a great idea / comment / other question. How can I contact you?
Shoot us an email at info@eightyninerobotics.com.